Hand crafted cosmetics

When creating our lotions or creams, we make sure that they contain only natural ingredients. Hand crafted cosmetics are free of parabens, artificial colors and preservatives. The honey and wax ingredients in our products come from our apiary of native Irish bees. The berries and herbs, on the other hand, are personally harvested by us.

Laboratory information management system

We assist in the implementation of specialized software that supports daily research work on medical marijuana parameters. Laboratory Information Management System is a solution that can be customized to meet your company's specific needs for data monitoring and scheduling tasks for other departments.

Car interior ambient lighting

There’s no better way to add a modern touch to your vehicle than with car interior ambient lighting. These innovative lights will add a nice glow to your automobile which will make it look not only cooler, but also newer. Our systems are fitted by experienced auto electricians and come with a warranty and guarantee – contact us.

B12 injections Greater Manchester

Also known as hydroxocobalamin, B12 injections in Greater Manchester are one of the treatments available in our skin clinic. It's a water-soluble vitamin that is responsible for various bodily functions. People who seem to lack it the most are mainly vegan or vegetarian and who are on a restricted or special diet.

Smoking chips

Have you been wondering how to make delicious fish, meat or cheese in a smoker? Smoking chips made from alder, beech, oak or birch are the key – they are like spices which penetrate the product. Our products are dust-free and clean, and they are free of any chemical additives – find out for yourself and place an order right now!

Geometric stencils

Are you thinking of changing up your interior or maybe you just want to freshen it up a little? A perfect way to do so is by using our geometric stencils. Geometrical patterns look amazing both in very contemporary and traditional-style rooms. We offer a wide range of patterns – pick the one which best suits your interior and place an order.

LPG tank

We produce high-quality underground, mounded, and aboveground storage containers which are suitable for propane, butane, and a mixture of these two. An LPG tank of your choice can hold from 9.1 m3 to 250 m3 of gas. Our products can be used on petrol stations and customs warehouses or even for heating in-home and industrial systems.

Food Smokers

We are fans of taste. The real, unadulterated, natural kind. That’s why we created our unadulterated food smokers. With them you can create really anything: smoked cheese, meat, fish. They simplify and shorten the process to a minimum while maintaining maximum flavor of the food. Simple, good and qualitative.

Coffee machines

If you dream of the best quality equipment, but funds do not allow you to make such a large investment, take advantage of our offer. Among other things, we offer second hand coffee machines as part of our business. Thanks to this offer you have the opportunity to buy top-class equipment at a relatively attractive price.

Grease trap installation

No matter whether you need to schedule regular maintenance for your existing interceptor or grease trap installation, give us a call. Every service is done by experienced professionals and according to official Irish Water regulations. Moreover, every unit is made from high-quality durable materials and then carefully selected according to the needs of your commercial kitchen. We offer a nationwide service and can supply, deliver and set up the chosen unit for you - contact us for further details.

Your company’s image in virtual space

Still too many companies are unaware of the importance of creating the right image, not only in the local space, but also in the virtual space. Of course, we should not forget about the constant dissemination of this image and the appropriate strengthening of it in the most positive way possible.

All you need is a clear page

There are hundreds of companies that design modern websites that meet the needs and expectations of both owners and their clients. Despite this, the most common websites have a bright background with even more vivid inscriptions, a vague description of the business and no offer.

It should be remembered that modern customers are less and less often looking for companies that could support their services with the help of a phone book, newspaper, telephone, TV set or even talking with friends. The search always begins with the Internet, and a bad-looking website can completely discourage potential customers.

All information should be thought out

A professionally prepared website is a combination of attractive and transparent design with the most important information. It is not about reporting that the company bought new office equipment in July 1998. Only information that can be relevant to the customer counts. So, a brief history of the company with a description of its goals and mission, as well as, above all, a thoroughly described offer together with information about contact with the company.

Additional features

It is worth remembering that nowadays it is not only about having a website that counts. It has every other company on the market. It is also very important to include additional benefits that will increase our competitiveness in the market. So maybe you should consider commissioning the creation of a mobile application or at least a mobile version of our website. You can also add a contact form in the 'Contact' tab, which will speed up customers' asking questions.

Transparency is the key to success

It is estimated that every tenth person is dyslexic, at least in part. So possibly in your workplace or at school you will see at least one person, which has problems writing, reading and remembering information. This does not have to be an extreme case, they can only be very delicate signals. However, websites should be created for these people.

It is transparency that solves most problems for consumers. Easy finding desired information, lack of bright colors, or simply using bright graphics and charts help any dyslexic. Unfortunately, many companies, while creating or commissioning their website, still focus on effective and expressive elements that only drown out the entire content.

Appropriate selection of information

The amount of information has long ceased to matter. Younger generations are getting better at very selective absorption of a large amount of information, so it is important to choose each sentence properly. It is also worth using various types of graphic solutions. Maybe some information is better presented in the form of a graph or picture? Or maybe bullets or fact numbers will become clearer than just a wall of text?