Nose surgery

At our clinic, we perform procedures to correct the face. One of them is nose surgery. In this procedure, a change takes place to alter its shape or function. The procedure can be performed for medical as well as cosmetic reasons. This procedure changes the facial features and affects the appearance of the patient.

Workout Supplements

Our offer consists of a wide variety of sport nutrition products such as BBCAA, EAAS, and whey protein that are available in multiple flavours. The selection of workout supplements is suited for anyone who is pursuing their training goals, be it a professional athlete or an amateur fitness enthusiast.

CBD for sleep Ireland

Our online shop stocks a variety of hemp products and supplements made from organically grown hemp. Our current offer consists of four organic CBD products: Sleep Aid, Pure Cannabidiol, Sun, and Immune Support tablets. They are vegan and THC-free, and each tablet contains exactly 10 mg of Cannabidiol.